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Really Good is now recycling used Really Good fruit spread jars!

Bring your jars to one of the Craft Shows that we do during the year and we will buy them back for  $.50  per jar.

Please note: Jars must be CLEAN, LABEL FREE and in reusable condition, NO LIDS please.

Soak the jar(s) in water for a few hours and rub the labels off.

Recycled jars will be sterilized by Really Good before reuse.


Online / Mail / Phone Order Customers may ship their jars back to Really Good with the same packaging used to ship to them and receive $ .50 per jar. Sorry, we can not pay the shipping cost back to us, but you may make your shipping cost back in jar refund.

You may have your refund be a credit towards your next order or receive a check for that amount.
Please don't forget to let us know how you want your refund, Credit or Check?

Ship To:

315 COMMERCE Road, UNIT # 3

Below is a list of retail locations that recycle REALLY GOOD Jars for store credit towards your next REALLY GOOD purchase at that location.
Martha Clara Vineyards, Sound Ave. , Riverhead, NY
Please see Lori, Gina or Glen at Martha Clara Vineyards