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Really Good Contest - 2010

In February 2010, we hosted a photo contest which yeilded two first place winners.  The Winners, Timmie and Ms. Lyons both won 4 jars of Really Good Fruit Spreads and a T-Shirt. Thank you for all your submissions


From Fred M.......Candidates ready to serve or should I say be served

From the Montauk Collection at a famous resort.  By Sarah R

From Karen Moran

From Fred M.....Candidates ready to serve or should I say be served

From Sarah R......A photo from Sarah and David's wedding.  They gave Really Good Wild Blueberry with their custom label as wedding favors to their guests.

Timmie goes BONKERS for tart cherry jam

Dinner: whole wheat crackers and mango jalapeno spread! from evjakes

This Really Good baby LOVES her Really Good Jam! from Kristine L.....

Scary Elf Heads eying defenseless jar of Really Good Wild Blueberry. from Charlie E

Weighting the Difference. from Phyllis B......




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